Event / Conference Terms & Conditions

Conference and Exhibition Terms and Conditions

This document defines the terms, conditions, rules and regulations in accordance with English law and will be issued during and in relation to the organisation of conferences and events organised by Imattination. All forms described or referred to within this document are available for download via the Imattination website or can be requested via the Imattination office.

  1. Definitions

The term ‘exhibitor’ or ‘sponsor’ means any person, company or organisation who has applied for and been granted stand space as outlined within the exhibition plan. The term ‘stand space’ relates to the allotted space or display area as per the exhibition plan and may vary in accordance to the event.

  1. Expression of Interest

Exhibitors may express an interest to exhibit prior to an event by means of submitting an official Imattination ‘Expression of Interest’ form, however this does not guarantee or necessarily lead to a firm booking arrangement for exhibition space.

  1. Bookings

Applications for stand space shall be made by submission of the official Imattination booking form. Bookings are allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis and exhibitors may be given the option to select a preferred stand space. Imattination reserves the right to make the final decision regarding stand space allocation, and will try to accommodate preference where possible.  Should the exhibitor select a stand space that is not available, Imattination will offer an alternative package where possible. The person signing the booking form must hold full authority to complete the form on behalf of the exhibitor. Stand space charges are exclusive of VAT.

  1. Method and terms of payment

An invoice will be issued on receipt of a completed booking form. Payment from exhibitors must be via BACS and received within 20 working days to ensure that their booking is confirmed – failure to receive full payment may result in the booking being lost and the stand space being reallocated.

  1. Cancellation of booking

Should the exhibitor decide to cancel the booking, the Imattination office must be notified immediately and in writing via email to admin@imattination.co.uk.  Imattination reserves the right to apply cancellation charges at their discretion and to reallocate the stand space. Cancellation charges are as follows;

  • Notice in writing received 4 weeks or more prior to event: no charge
  • Notice in writing received between 1 and 4 weeks prior to event: 50% charge
  • Notice in writing received 7 working days or less prior to event: 100% charge

The charge shall be immediately due and payable should an exhibitor cancel a booking for whatever reason.

  1. Relocation of stands

The Imattination Office will confirm receipt of booking form and allotted stand space to exhibitors via email and prior to the event.  Imattination reserves the right without being required to give prior notice to the exhibitor to alter the layout of any floor plan (including refreshment areas) or the position of any stand/display place at any time.

  1. Sub-letting

Stand space must not be re-assigned, shared, sublet or changed in any way by exhibitors prior to or during an event.

  1. Attendance

Exhibitors must occupy the allotted stand space, have displays ready and be available for business at the time/date specified. It is expected that at least one attendant is available during specified exhibition viewing times as outlined in the conference programme. Any exhibitors that do not occupy the allotted stand space by the time specified and at the beginning of the exhibition will be deemed to have cancelled and therefore result in cancellation charges and/or stand space being resold or reallocated. Imattination shall not be held responsible for the failure of exhibitors to attend the conference for any reason beyond its control.

Imattination will provide an estimate of how many delegates will be in attendance based on information provided to them and venue capacity, however does not accept liability for exact delegate numbers and the attending number being different to the original estimated level of attendance.

Schemes including but not exclusively ‘Lead The Way’ and Prize Draws are operated and run to encourage delegates to attend stands however Imattination accepts no responsibility for these being successful and cannot guarantee the level of delegates attending the exhibitors during the conference period.

  1. Access requirements

Exhibitors are responsible in advising of any special access requirements when completing the booking form.

  1. Bankruptcy

Imattination reserves the right to terminate the booking contract and apply terms and conditions relating to cancellation should the exhibitor become bankrupt, go into liquidation or suffer any other insolvency in respect of its assets.

  1. Insurance

Imattination will arrange its own full indemnity insurance for the event, however exhibitors are expected to effect at their own cost the appropriate insurance coverage relating to the usual risks in respect of loss, damage or injury to persons, equipment and goods in connection with their attendance at the exhibition.  Imattination cannot be held liable or responsible towards exhibitors for any loss or damage to persons, equipment or other goods arising from negligence during the event.

  1. Erection of stands / displays

Exhibitors must abide by the instructions and timings for set up as laid out prior to the event, and ensure their stand is erected by the agreed timings and in such a manner that does not obstruct light, impede the view or gangway, or inconvenience neighbouring exhibitors in any way. Should Imattination be made aware that exhibitors are causing an obstruction to others, Imattination reserves the right to instruct the exhibitor to comply with the rules as outlined and move equipment as deemed necessary.

  1. Amendments to the event

Imattination reserves the right to make alterations to the event programme, venue and timings as necessary and without notice. Should the event be cancelled for reasons beyond control, a full refund of charges according to stand space will be made to exhibitors, but does not include any additional charges or expenditure incurred by exhibitors such as travel arrangements or accommodation.  Should the event be postponed, or the date/venue changed, Imattination will not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred by the exhibitor that may result from such amendment.

  1. Conduct

Exhibitors should acknowledge that the event is intended to be of a high standard in all respects and that the conduct of the exhibitor and content of its stand should reflect this at all times. Marketing material and other promotional gifts should not be displayed outside the assigned stand space, not be distributed elsewhere in the venue or interfere with neighbouring exhibitors.  All exhibitors must wear appropriate business attire and wear name badge bearing company logo. Any person whose presence or behaviour is likely to be undesirable may be excluded or removed from the event and Imattination will exercise this right in their absolute discretion.

  1. Health & safety

Exhibitors should make themselves aware of emergency fire procedures at the venue and prior to the event starting. All materials used within the stand space must be of non-flammable material and exhibitors should note that dangerous materials such as explosives, or any other detonating compounds or substances are excluded.

  1. Conference programme

The full conference programme will be available online for download prior to the event and from the Imattination website where possible. In addition, exhibitors will also be provided with a full list of exhibitors, an exhibition plan and delegate list, however this may not be available until during or after the event where possible.