Taking fundraising for Schools & Nurseries digital

There has been so many ups and downs this year, everyone’s plans and normality looks very different. As a design and print firm we always look forward to the Christmas period, the exciting build up to the festive season is always busy, busy, busy at Imattination HQ.

For many years we have successfully run our Christmas Card & Gifts design scheme, we love watching all our design pack boxes leave for all of our schools and then return packed with amazing colourful and creative designs ready to be converted into beautiful cards and gifts.

Unfortunately, 2020 is looking very different – Christmas Fairs being cancelled, PTAs not being able to attend sites as much. So…now more than ever our scheme is important in continuing some festive normality but also helping raise those vital funds for schools and groups.

In light of this we have worked hard and taken our entire scheme online and digital – meaning no more order deadlines, a reduction in administration but still the same ability to raise vital funds – we have even added more products to the range for designs to be produced onto.

How does it work and what changes have we made?

Well, our design packs arrive in a covid secure way, ready to be covered in beautiful designs by the pupils. Once completed we arrange a collection of the designs ready to be converted into beautiful gifts and cards.

Each design is assigned a unique reference code – and within a few days a sample card is returned ready to go home. Then parent’s and families can visit our website browsing the gifts and options available, and using this unique code place their order for whatever they would like.

Then, within a few days we have the privilege of delivering the ordered goodies – all labelled and packed to the school ready to go home and make somebodies day. All orders arrive pre-packed ready to just hand out to each class and student reducing administration time.

Also, there are no more order deadlines. Instead we will keep delivering each week as the orders arrive meaning people can order as they wish, top up and more. Also, organisers can log into our site at any time and see how much money they have raised, as well as access important advertising and support assets to help make the most out of the scheme.

It certainly is a very different year and time; however, we hope that the changes made to our scheme will help create some normality and allow PTAs to continue their important fundraising efforts.

There is no time limit on joining our scheme – so if this sounds like something you would be interested in or you would like more information please don’t hesitate to get in contact by emailing [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

Well from all the Team Here, Stay Safe!!! And remember that “After Every Storm, Comes A Rainbow” – we will get through this together.